Let's Talk Loneliness Let's Talk Loneliness
It’s ok to feel lonely, particularly at a time like this. Don’t suffer in silence, we can all help each other stay connected.


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    Bereaved, Carers, Divorced/separated/having relationship difficulties
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Gingerbread is the only national charity dedicated to working with and for single parent families in England & Wales. We have been at the forefront of shaping policy and services that support single parents for more than a century.

There are around two million single parent families in the country which means that approximately one in four families are headed by a single parent. We champion their voices and keep their needs at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is of a world where diverse families can thrive. Our mission is to champion and enable single parent families to live secure, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Stability for single parents: To minimise any negative impact on the parent and children’s wellbeing and poverty

Families can thrive: To maximise choices and opportunities for single parents and their children to flourish

Families are valued: To build acceptance and celebration of diverse families in wider society

We work to challenge the isolation, loneliness and stigma that single parents face.

Peer Support Services

  • 50 active groups around England & Wales
  • A space for parents to make friends, share, build community and feel less alone
  • Led by single parent Group Coordinators, trained and supported by Gingerbread.
  • A thriving online community with 17k plus members
  • A safe space for single parents to connect online, chat, and share tips from their own experience
  • Accessible and immediate support

Single Parent Helpline

We help more than 9,000 parents a year with specialist advice

  • Confidential and accredited
  • Free expert, specialised advice covering complex issues around:
    • welfare benefits
    • child maintenance
    • family law
    • Housing
    • money and debt
    • moving in and out of work

Online services

  • More than 800,000 people access our website annually
  • Library of online information,  tools and advice checkers & multi media
  • Topics tailored to single parents needs
  • Stories and news items from single parents.
  • Trialling webchat