Let's Talk Loneliness Let's Talk Loneliness
It’s ok to feel lonely, particularly at a time like this. Don’t suffer in silence, we can all help each other stay connected.

Reach Out Hertfordshire -a project managed by North Herts CVS

Reach Out Hertfordshire -a project managed by North Herts CVS logo

Reach Out is a project that provides support to people in Hertfordshire who have recently been discharged from hospital and have been identified as socially isolated or lonely.

Reach Out can assist people by linking them up with a volunteer in their neighbourhood who can offer companionship and practical support.

The service is free and is available to help people who are medically vulnerable or recently discharged from hospital. All our volunteers have undergone training and we have conducted all the necessary police and reference checks

Reach Out is still providing companionship and practical support to older people who are medically vulnerable and at risk of hospital admission during these difficult times. The support that we provide has changed in order to ensure that social distancing measures are followed. Reach Out Support Volunteers are ensuring that clients are able to connect with their local community. They can also provide support, reassurance and words of comfort during these difficult times.


Reach Out volunteers can help those who:

  • Have recently been discharged from hospital
  • Need support to regain independence following medical treatment
  • May be at risk of readmission to hospital
  • Are recovering from illness, surgery or an accident

Our volunteers can:

  • Welfare checks and telephone support
  • Support people to get back to doing the things they enjoy during their recovery
  • Collect small items of essential shopping, such as bread, milk, fruit, snacks etc
  • Supporting clients to attend follow up appointments or access other health and wellbeing services
  • Support people to rebuild their confidence during their period of recovery
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Provide short term support with pet care
  • Support people to try new activities or access other services that may help them
  • Researching and signposting people to other services that may be useful