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It’s ok to feel lonely, particularly at a time like this. Don’t suffer in silence, we can all help each other stay connected.

The Link Visiting Scheme

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    Events, Face-to-face help, Helpline
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    Bereaved, Carers, Disabled, Elderly, Men, Newly-retired, Unemployed
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The Link Visiting Scheme is a registered charity operating in Wokingham Borough, Berkshire.

Our mission is to reduce loneliness and social isolation, to promote friendship and improve the health, wellbeing and independence of our clients – our Link Friends. We celebrate and honour older people in the community, and offer a range of services and activities enabling our Link Friends to establish new relationships, feel they can be an integral, important part of the community again – and have fun!

More than 1,000 “Link Friends” have benefited over the years from our services. Their lives have been given much more purpose and joy, enabling them to integrate into the community and build new, lasting friendships.

Our core focus is on arranging for volunteers to visit  in an older persons home once a week. These visits are often the highlight of our Link Friend’s week and enable visitors to keep a check on their health and well-being. Where possible, our Link Friends are encouraged to become more active whether through going shopping, walking, attending special events or joining local groups. For those with limited mobility however, a weekly visit becomes a critical means of support and company.

In addition to home visits, we have run a range of other activities. These include weekly ‘Understanding Computers Courses’, Pub lunches, singing group, bowls club, crochet club and games afternoons. As well as other special events, parties and outings held during the year we also run a monthly Sunday Community Kitchen Project responding to the feedback that Sunday felt lonelier than other days.  A chance for volunteers and older people to cook, eat and enjoy each others company. Our latest initiative, Friends For Ages is a monthly inter-generational project for parents and pre-school age children and older people. A chance for generations to enjoy each others company. A great success!

Everything we do celebrates friendship and connection