Let's Talk Loneliness Let's Talk Loneliness
It’s ok to feel lonely, particularly at a time like this. Don’t suffer in silence, we can all help each other stay connected.

Facebook – Bringing groups together

Facebook are part of the Tackling Loneliness Network, a group of organisations coming together to take concrete action to tackle loneliness and find new approaches to build social connections. Here are just some of the community-led Facebook groups working to alleviate loneliness among their members.

This Mums Runs

Mel Bound had a young family and was struggling to find time for herself and also found as a new mum she felt utterly lonely and isolated. This spurned Mel on to start a Facebook community connecting Mums with other women in their local community to help build social cohesion and reduce loneliness.

One night she put up a Facebook post saying she’d not had space to exercise for years and asking if any other mums wanted to join her for a run. 75 women turned up. Today over 100,000 mums are part of This Mum Runs, a network helping mums create space for themselves and each other through exercise. During pandemic the group has pivoted to focus on supporting and volunteering in their local community.

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Dope Black Dads

When his daughter arrived Marvyn Harrison knew he’d need help to be the best father he could. He wrote to 23 other black dads, sharing how much they’d taught and inspired him. The reaction was amazing and today Dope Black Dads brings together 25,000 parents committed to supporting one another and changing outcomes for black families.

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Never Be Lonely Again

Nicola Marsh is the woman behind the Never Be Lonely Again Facebook Group that is providing frontline services and support to tackle loneliness for nearly 5,000 people across the UK.

Nicola founded Never Be Lonely Again two years ago, following the death of both her parents and losing friends who took their own lives. It’s since become a place for people to come together if they feel they need a friendly chat in times of struggle, with the Group arranging camping trips and coffee mornings for its members up and down the country. They also help members with no family or friends to hospital appointments, and they generously provide food, toiletries and birthday presents to members paying out of their own pockets.

For its 4,800 members, the Group has become a lifeline for many feeling isolated during the coronavirus crisis. Nicola works with emergency services to help anyone in the group that appears to be at risk and the group has been attributed with saving the lives of some of its members by getting help to them in time.

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