Let's Talk Loneliness Let's Talk Loneliness
It’s ok to feel lonely, particularly at a time like this. Don’t suffer in silence, we can all help each other stay connected.

No Isolation: KOMP

This tech company’s mission to connect people is being harnessed to fight loneliness during the Coronavirus outbreak

At No Isolation, our mission is to reduce loneliness and social isolation through warm technology (technical solutions to interactions and connections). As more of the world turns to physical distancing and self-quarantine to reduce the spread of coronavirus, it is important, now more than ever, that we lessen the emotional and mental toll of isolation.

Whilst many have turned to digital communication to stay in touch with loved ones, the elderly, who are also more prone to loneliness, are often left without the know-how needed to stay connected. With age, it becomes harder to manoeuvre complicated user interfaces, to use touch screens and to remember passwords.

KOMP: technology for the analogue generation 

The premise behind KOMP is simple but powerful in its delivery – to bring the joys of an interconnected world to those that are both unaccustomed to gadgets and particularly susceptible to loneliness. KOMP, by No Isolation, is a one-button computer that bridges this gap.

What is KOMP?

  • A standalone screen, resembling an old fashioned TV, operated by one rotary button,
  • Interacted with by family through an app,
  • Available with additional functionality for care providers,
  • No training or digital experience required for the user
  • Instant benefits of video calling, picture messages, and text messages

One satisfied customer said:

“So happy that we organised this screen for our Mother. She is not able to operate an iPad or computer. She is now in isolation in a care home. It is literally a life-line and means we can chat and send pictures and messages to keep her ‘in the loop’. She is delighted with it and I know it has changed her days dramatically. I can not recommend it highly enough.” – Facebook User

Watch Alice Kennedy share her experiences with KOMP 

Video credit: TSA – The voice of Technology Enabled Care 

Using KOMP in the community

KOMP not only keeps families connected, but it can also support the efforts of the volunteering sector. No Isolation is working with AbilityNet, who are using KOMP to connect seniors with volunteers to enrich their befriending services.

Research demonstrates that ICT solutions increase both the quantity and the quality of contact with seniors. We are interested to see if regular communication may provide not just companionship, but also more opportunities for the senior to ask for help with food or medication, or anything else that may arise, whilst maintaining physical distancing.

KOMP for care providers

Following insights gathered from our non-consumer customers, we developed a more advanced software for KOMP, called KOMP Pro, a web platform through which carers can manage a fleet of KOMPs, and carry out care duties remotely, whilst keeping a secure audit of all activity.

“In Kongsvinger we have reduced the amount of physical visits needed. This is made possible because service recipients who have KOMP can receive follow-up sessions digitally. We still visit in person, but KOMP Pro is well suited for follow-ups, reminders, or to prepare the recipient for upcoming appointments.” – Anne-Lise Brenna Ording, coordinator of welfare technology, Kongsvinger Council, Norway

For more information about KOMP visit noisolation.com, or email the team on london@noisolation.com to discuss using KOMP in your community.